E3 2013 The Good and the Bad about the Big 3 TLMB

Hey guys! Bill and I decide we wanted to give our take on the Big 3’s news at E3 2013. We start with Microsoft, move on to Sony, and save Nintendo for last. What did we think? Watch below and tell us what you are most excited about!
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Michael’s written analysis:

Wow. E3 2013 showed me a lot of things: games I already knew with more details, new games, and of course answered a bunch of questions! Going into E3 I wasn’t sure what to expect outside of learning price ranges, final details, and release dates for the Xbox One and PS4; but with the announcements of Day One games and upcoming 2014 titles I think I have a clear picture on what’s to come.

The Good

Well, looking at last generation I owned all three systems and well…I don’t think anyone buys every system Day One or even Year One for that matter. I mainly used my Xbox 360 for Halo, PS3 for multiplatforms and their own AAA titles and of course Nintendo Wii for their amazing first-party titles. Going into E3 I was telling myself to just buy a Wii U for this November and wait for the PS4 around next year. It’s what I did with the Wii and PS3 (only because of the PS3’s insanely high launch price) but after hearing the PS4’s launch price I’m not so sure. Let’s break this up

Nintendo/Wii U & 3DS:

To start off I loved every second of Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros Wii U and 3DS. The 3DS version of Super Smash Bros looks just as good as a Melee/Brawl Hybrid and the core gameplay looks unchanged. Throwing in Mega Man just made this happy old school gamer shed some tears. Mario Kart 8 looks like it is bringing back the bikes, I see they are still retaining the coins, and adding a new feature of “gravity”. I wonder how this will play out; will it make the camera change and you drive upside down? Is it only accessible in a few areas? Either way it looked great. I am secretly hoping they of custom parts and paragliders, but I doubt it due to the success of Mario Kart 7.

For Super Mario 3D World, I don’t know where to put it. It isn’t in the bad but it certainly is not in the good, based off the expectancy of a 3D Mario. See, home-console 3D Mario’s are built for missions, a huge overworld, and collecting stars and while I loved Super Mario 3D Land this isn’t what I expected when I heard about a new “3D” Mario in production. On the side though the gameplay looks amazing, I like the Super Mario Bros 2 selection of characters idea (though SMB 2 sucks) and the new cat-ability actually looks pretty Sonic: Lost World cool!

While many are disappointed in Retro’s sequel to Donkey Kong Country Returns (as they expected something else) I am couldn’t be more happy, especially with announcement that Dixie Kong is back! Other great news to see what Yoshi’s New Island, a new trailer for Mario and Luigi Dream Team, another new trailer for ‘X’ and of course having nostalgia watching the Link to the Past 2 trailer. (Wonderful 101, Pokemon X and Y, and Wind Waker HD were what I expected nothing new there).


Wow, could they have done an E3 conference more perfectly!? From taking shots at Microsoft by allowing used games and even putting out that “guide” Sony did everything that gamers trying to decide which console to get nex gen right. We finally got to see what the PS4 looks like, we heard it’s amazing $399 price (a huge difference from the PS3 launch) and learned that it is not only region-free but comes with a 500 GB SDD which you can REMOVE! Killzone, Drive Club, and the game I am especially looking forward to Knack are all going to be launch titles on the PS4! I think the best part of their conference was the showing of Final Fantasy Versus XIII which now became Final Fantasy XV and who can forget the most unexpected of them all KINGDOM HEARTS 3! Those two games right there were enough to get the internet melting!

Xbox One/Microsoft

I actually really really liked their conference although it bothered me the beginning of their showing of games were multiplatform games like Metal Gear Solid V and Battlefield. What surprised me is how cool Insomanic’s Sunset Overdrive looks and the fact it is an Xbox One exclusive. The Twitch support for streaming on the Xbox One turns me on as well as the game Project Spark! Project Spark looks unique and interesting and I would love to play that game. The best thing I saw at the Xbox One conference was Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare. Not only did it look fun and entertaining, but it was something I don’t think anyone expected to look and play so good. Last good thing about the Microsoft conference….HALO TEASER

Sorry but one more KH gif

The Bad

When there is good…there is bad let’s see:

Nintendo/Wii U & 3DS:

-Considering Yoshi’s New Island is coming out this Summer or Fall not having any new details on the game was a bit disappointing.

-I think the name of ‘Fairy’ for the new type of Pokemon kind of makes it laughable…especially the fact that it bests Dragon’s now.

-The overall lack of new IP or buzz Nintendo tried to create. We all knew about the Big 3 of Mario games coming, but Nintendo could have shocked the world with a new Metroid, Star Fox, or a DK64 like game.


-We have to buy PS Plus now? Well as long as it is not a very high price and Sony still provides free games and excellent service then no complaints.

-No Vita/PS4 bundle or making the Vita appealing. Cross-play was confirmed to be almost mandatory for PS4 owners and the Vita will be playing a integral part of the new PS4 connectivity and community, yet Sony did not do anything to justify buying one or make it more appealing.

-Also the fact the KH3 and FFXV are not exclusives, I understand SE is their own company but Sony could have destroyed the competition making those two their games.

Xbox One/ Microsoft

-Killer Instinct…one character only other a Free to Play buy every character game…OK NO THANK YOU

-Left all the problems of its system alone, thus in turn confirming every gamer’s nightmare

-$499 launch? OUCH

Now what?

Well, I’d like to hear eveyone’s opinion/plan on what they plan on doing in the next coming months till the holidays. For me, I now have to decide if I’m getting a Wii U or PS4 this November or even the Xbox One (yes I am considering it…why? Only for the Day One achievement of course…I’m serious). I know buying a Vita will have to come into play, but let’s not forget you have to buy games as well because it doesn’t seem like these systems are being bundled with any freebies. One plan I have is to buy a Wii U and PS4 and sell the PS4 for more than its face value to get a profit from it, considering many of these great games are not coming until TBA 2014. I’m definitely looking forward to this holiday and upcoming year of gaming but man is this a lot!

Goodbye wallet, hello fun…and misery of being broke.


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