PSP Games all owners should play

I was playing around with my PSP, realizing that as good as piece of hardware this is (especially it’s ability to be hacked and run emulators <3) there wasn’t really a strong lineup for this handheld; which lead to its downfall. What I mean by strong games is powerful, alluring games, that captivate a gamer.

Although there a bunch of PSP titles (think Wii-status) there are certain few which are “must plays”. I am here to list the ones I believe to be must plays for PSP users [say for the PSP “beginner“]:

1- Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep is the prequel to the entire KH series and the 6th entry. It is an action-RPG, and while uses the same gameplay as KH, is very different than its predecessors. In BBS, you can choose to play as one of three characters (you have to play as all three anyway) and you play the story from each characters’ respective viewpoints. Terra, Aqua, and Ventus (the three protagonists), all have different attributes compared to that of Sora in Kingdom Hearts where you choose what type of fighter you want to be. Square-Enix nails this game right on the door, so it can be open to newcomers who were too lazy to try it on the PS2 and series lovers. The graphics are beautiful, even for a PSP game, the gameplay is done to perfection, there are no camera problems, and the new abilities (shotlock, Command Styles, and D-Links) are really cool.[command style is as you are fighting, whatever way you are fighting say fire + physical attacks makes you use a combination of both until you level up to CS to max for a final attack. The D-Links are basically channeling other character’s abilities to your own which is really comes in handy, as you are not Sora so you are limtied to certain abilties].  There is also a mini-game feature which is like a fake-mario party to help you level up abilties

2- Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters

The Ratchet and Clank series is one of the best series out there; funny, addictive gameplay, good story, unforgettable characters, all a formula for a great game. Before Size Matters all Ratchet and Clank’s had appeared on PS2…could R & C survive this change? YES, yes they can. Size Matters stays with the roots of the game and makes it an amazing handheld. You can buy all the guns you want, replay the game in a new game+, enjoy its main quest minigames, and watch one of the best stories the game has to offer.Probably the only problem is the quick savepoints as you don’t save exactly where you were, you go to the nearest landmark, so you have to re-do things or finish the level.

3- Disagea series for PSP (Hour of Darkness, the Prinny adventures)

Disagea is a tactical RPG done right (actually it’s just an enhanced PS2 port…weird right?). Enjoy the first two games redone for the PSP or play its own PSP series Prinny Adventures, which is more side scrolling action.

4- Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

FFVII is one of the most overrated games of all time, but that doesn’t mean you should skip this game because of the dumb fanboy/girls. Crisis Core is an excellent and wonderful game. You play as Zack Fair in this action RPG, the mentor and person Cloud thought he was (in a sense) in FFVII and watch as his story develops and the origin of the Buster Blade, Sephiroth, and Cloud. The game is challenging on its hardest difficulty but what really hooks you is its jackpot ability in the battles and its amazing story. One of the few games that actually made me cry.

I would mention Dissidia but it gets boring fast, as it is unique, but just repetitive. There are many features but Square-Enix could have done more with the game.

Honorable mentions (as I have not yet to play them, but I have them):

  • LittlebigPlanet PSP  
  • Jeanne d’Arc  
  • Monster Hunter
  • God of War
  • LocoRoco
  • Patapon.

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