The Last of Us Not as Good as People Say

The Last of Us, already people’s GoTY for 2013 and apparently to some one of the “greatest games they have ever played”. From all its praise from IGN, Destructoid, fellow bloggers and gamers due to the games “great” story and gameplay etc. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen anything to warrant the games high praise. I’ve beaten the game once through on Hard Mode and continuing for my trophy on Survivor+ and I just can’t find anything to lure me to continue. I’ll start with the things in the overall story that made this a very forgettable experience.

Gameplay Problems

The gameplay in The Last of Us is very overrated. The game goes for a sense of realism, yet it passes likes to break its own rules. To start off being picky, your AI counterpart likes to talk like no one is around when there is a Clicker nearby, yet they cannot hear them. In addition, your AI will sometimes stand out in the open next to Infected or Hunters and everyone will act like there is nothing there or they are part of the team. With a game that has a motto of fight or sneak by, they sure do make you fight a lot of forced waves. In fact, you can sneak by enemies in a few sections but cannot interact with the locked door until all the enemies are taken care of. I thought the point of this game was to make wise decisions and know when not to fight, especially with your limited supplies. At least the zombies are nice on occasion and wait for you to bust a door open a few times with the square button.

While the zombies do have a scare factor only in the beginning of the game (until they basically become a habit) the Humans have to be the worst part. Besides the fact they are harder than most Infected, the game ignores rules they developed for zombies with them. Hunters or Fireflies apparently never see you strangle a man in dramatic fashion even if he is about 5 feet away, so in turn a guy just flailing his arms in your peripherals is just normal. Then the worst part is even if you silent kill a guy, the chances of you getting his bullets from whatever gun he has are close to zero percent. That baffles me, considering he would shoot you if detected but if you silent kill him you cannot get a bullet off him.

My favorite has to be the “limited supplies” in the game. Since the world is in decay for the last 20 years, you expect supplies to be low, which they are…in theory. As the game progresses you will find hundreds upon hundreds bandages, alcohol, nails, etc to make your daily items of Molotov’s, Shiv’s, Smoke bombs etc. So don’t ever worry about not having three med-packs, because I had abundances I could have ran a clinic. Despite ALL these extra items lying around, you could never find a bullet when need be unless you killed enemies with your gun, which you do not want to waste!

I do admit the game does provide a good tension atmosphere, making you want to avoid confrontation at all costs, but that does not warrant its short comings and breaking of its own rules. Multiplayer is great in every way except the 84 matches achievement…seriously if you loes your population you have to redo everything which is a bit ridiculous.

Single Player

To start off the biggest thing people talk about is the story of the game. To tell you the truth it was very cliche until it’s let-down ending. The story has Joel, a man who hates the world for taking what he loves and not trusting anyone, becoming slowly attached to this girl (Ellie) who was just originally just a package for the Fireflies. Throughout the course of the single-player you run into other humans (Hunters) or fellow AI’s who all but should know that in this type of game if you team up with the main character you’re gonna die. Most characters reach a similar death in which they get infected by some fight after everything seems good, leaving you once again alone.

The most egregious thing The Last of Us does though is the ending. The ending is not only a big-slap in the face to the player, but in turn basically nulls the beginning of the game and Tess’ death. Originally Ellie is a package to reach a drop-off point, but when you find out the Fireflies at the drop-off point are dead and that Ellie cannot “turn” (jargon for turning into a zombie) Tess’ reveals she was bitten and that she really believes that what Ellie has can change and save the world. Joel reluctantly agrees, as that was his only purpose for doing this! They could have gone back to Boston or he could have dropped off Ellie to another Firefly, but he did this because he believed in Tess who believed Ellie could change that horrible world they live in.

Now while I know that the motto in the horrible run-down world is to never trust anyone, every where you go is basically shoot first ask never. In turn how do Hunters even group up when it is kill everyone you see? Fireflies seem almost like a rumor until the very end, and how does Marlene beat you all the way to Salt Lake City? If you were going to recover, Joel could have went back to Boston and dropped Ellie off to Marlene, who somehow must be a better fighter than Joel to get through what you went through.

The Last of My Gripes

To end this The Last of Us rant is definitely the environment and graphics aspect of the game. The game really is a step down from Uncharted 3 graphics wise, and its blurry backgrounds in some the darker areas really hinder it. It does not stray from most post-apocalyptic settings we have seen in movies, in fact it does nothing different except possibly make it cleaner than it should be.

While I didn’t mind my playthrough during the game, the entire time I felt the game did not have an appealing factor to lure me back into playing. With Uncharted I wanted to continue on, learn the story, explore the worlds shown to me, while in The Last of Us I was constantly checking when I hit the next checkpoint so I can turn off the game. As “real” as some people like to believe this game is, with Joel carrying more than enough guns on his own (in Left 4 Dead you can’t even carry that many) I don’t think I will ever see what people saw in this game. It’s alright exclusive but a total step down from Naughty Dog.


7 responses to “The Last of Us Not as Good as People Say

  1. At first I thought “oh, this is obviously just a troll post for views” but upon reading it you picked up on most of the issues i had with the game.

    The supplies thing is stupid because you always have plenty of everything, the fact that you are unable to take ammo off of people that were literally just shooting you is equally as stupid. I also didn’t understand the “sneak” mechanics as they seemed to change throughout, I found by the end of the game that I could pretty much just walk slowly past any zombies without even attempting to hide!

    I also thought that the game was a little too focussed on the people as opposed to the infected.

    The ending was the bit that really got me though. I mean that it fealt like the last 15 or so hours i had put into the game were for nothing. I didn’t expect the end to cure the virus but I didnt expect that either. Im all for a twist at the end but not one that negates the entire game!

    All up though I definitely enjoyed playing TLOU and can only wish that other games live up to the standard set by it.

    • Thanks for giving it a chance man by reading it!
      I totally hear you man I was rolling around with like 10 medpacks (because I constantly refilled them) and it was like where is this “limited supplies” careful with your supplies attitude it was supposed to bring. But then when I need a bullet I can’t get one, especially from a guy firing the SAME GUN as I was!
      You are totally right about the zombie thing, I usually just beat them to a checkpoint or “fast walk”
      Hear ya on the people v. zombies
      Thank you man! You could have just stopped the game at Bill’s place with something they can overcome together there to bond them and justify that ending. There was no point of wiping out the Fireflies and traveling there to almost die (because you go to the university and well get nearly impaled)

      Thanks for reading man!

  2. I read your review of The Last of Us, and I have to say that I agree with all of the points you made. I would even go as far as saying that the game is mediocre. The gameplay is uninspired and the story is cliché, playing every cynicism trope completely straight without a hint of irony, making for a groanworthy experience where I didn’t come close to even considering crying. The game also has what I believe to be the worst video game ending of all time and, so far, it’s the only ending that made me so mad that I sold the disc on eBay immediately afterwards (thankfully, I didn’t use the code).

    I think the only reason that the game gets glowing reviews is because cynical writing, regardless of quality (with a few exceptions), is a magnet for rave reviews. I’d be very surprised if people still regard this game fifteen years from now because I honestly don’t think it’s going to age well.

    • Thank you man! It’s really hard to find people who agree with it/that for some reason, as apparently the media and mainstreamers have taken/warped everyone’s minds to where it is a sin to bad mouth this game. THANK YOU to the ending part man I really just was like wow I didn’t enjoy it already and then you do that Naughty Dog? Come on! Same here I sold my game right away after I platinumed the game.

      Totally agree with you again and thanks for reading!

      • You got the platinum trophy? You’re a lot more patient than I am; I didn’t even consider playing the game anymore after I beat it.

        I’m kind of astonished that so few people are willing to say anything bad about this game considering that I’ve seen people bash much better games that had far fewer problems than this one (both in storytelling and gameplay). I actually wonder if maybe it’s possible that reactions are actually more mixed, but it’s mostly the people who liked the game who reviewed it and the people who didn’t like it are being drowned out as a result. But believe me when I say that we’re not the only ones who think The Last of Us is a lackluster game. After having reviewed the game myself, a friend of mine checked it out to see what it was like and, like us, he was similarly unimpressed. It certainly seems like this game has a bit of a sacred cow reputation to it. Whether or not it will last is up to time and, though I could be wrong, I think people in the future are going to look back at this game and wonder what all the fuss was about. And hey, even if that sacred cow status lasts, nobody should be afraid to have a contrarian, yet valid opinion.

        In short, Uncharted 2 blows this game out of the water.

      • Yeah but it’s kind of more I am a trophy whore rather than patient. Like I like 100%/platinum! Also I thought it would be better defense for everyone going to attack me about it,

        Right? I thought it was like because of all gaming media sights gave it perfect scores and it had hype because of how well Uncharted did, that is why no one can say anything bad about the game.

        Yeah that’s a great analogy. I mean like I don’t see this game aging well! Look I may be biased towards Ocarina of Time, but that game still holds up and it’s nearly 20 years later. I just didn’t have any fun with this game and I hated the story (the main attraction apparently).

        UC2 is LEAGUES better mate!

      • Makes sense to me. After all, even the most dedicated fan can’t argue with a detractor who knows the game front and back (well, they can, but they won’t get anywhere).

        I’d say what makes the games in the Zelda series age well is a combination of good, forward-looking gameplay and the fact that each installment is unique enough to stand on its own. There aren’t that many games out there where a reliving the same three days and memorizing important events on each is a central mechanic, for instance.

        Meanwhile, for every thing that The Last of Us is praised for, I can name you an older game that makes it look like (even more of) a joke.

        It’s an exciting third-person shooter! (Uncharted 2 – 4 years prior)
        You shoot zombies! (Resident Evil 4 – 8 years prior)
        You explore post-apocalyptic America! (Fallout 1, 2, and 3 – 16/15/5 years prior respectively)
        There are outdoor stealth sections! (Metal Gear Solid 3 – 9 years prior)
        It’s the pinnacle of storytelling in video games! (Planescape: Torment – 14 years prior)
        It’s a gripping, emotional story! If you don’t cry by the end, you have no soul (yes, I have heard fans express this sentiment; it’s every bit as hopeless as it sounds)! (Mother 3 – 7 years prior)

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